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Shapenote Music

Northern Harmony book (2012)

Plain Tunes, Hymns and Anthems from the New England Singing School Tradition and the Contemporary Shape-Note Tradition

2012, Edited by Larry Gordon and Anthony Barrand. Illustrations by Tom Bower and Mary Azarian. Hardcover, 334 pages.

Northern Harmony songbook 2012

Book: $20.00

The new 2012 edition of Northern Harmony is greatly expanded, with 55 new songs, 150 songs in all.  Half are by early New England composers from the years 1770-1810, most of them not otherwise available in modern shape-note editions.  The other half are by living composers writing in the shape-note style.  The book is beautifully and sturdily bound, and all songs have been newly typeset in extremely clear shape-note notation.  A marvelous collection for shape-note singers, school and community choirs, and recreational singers of every kind.

Click here to get an mp3 CD with 100 Songs from the Northern Harmony book for just $10!

Endless Light:
Spiritual Songs from a New Generation of Composers

1997. Edited by Larry Gordon. Illustrations by Tom Bower. Paperback, 52 pp.

Book and CD: $24.99

Sample mp3s >>

Twenty-six songs in three and four parts for equal and mixed voices by composer-members of Gordon's teenage singing group, Village Harmony. An impressive range of musical styles, largely inspired by traditional New England shape-note music, ranging from lively fuging tunes to plaintive melodies with close-moving and often surprising harmonies. Texts from the hymns and psalms of Isaac Watts and his followers, and the poetry of Longfellow, Henry Vaughan, Rupert Brooke and Christina Rossetti, as well as original lyrics by the composers.

The companion CD is comprised of recordings from a fabulous one-time collaboration of over fifty singers and instrumentalists from the Village Harmony year group past and present, featuring some of the most exciting voices we've ever sung with. The Endless Light album is characterized by an impressive range of compositional and singing styles, especially the hard-edged vocals of the New England shape-note tradition.