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The New Northern Harmony Book (2012)

The eagerly-anticipated update of the Northern Harmony songbook, edited by Larry Gordon and Anthony Barrand. The 2012 edition of Northern Harmony bookNorthern Harmony is greatly expanded, with 55 new songs, 150 songs in all.  Half are by early New England composers from the years 1770-1810, the other half are by living composers writing in the shape-note style. 

Order the new Northern Harmony Book>>

Northern Harmony:
leagues beyond the sky CD

2012. Northern HarmonyNorthern Harmony book

Live recordings from Northern Harmony's autumn 2011 EU-UK tour, directed by Larry Gordan and Patty Cuyler., with special guest directors Mollie Stone and Kenny Shimizu. American shape-note music, music from the Jubilee quartet tradition, and an exciting selection of South African, Corsican, Georgian and Macedonian songs. Plus interpretations of Heinrich Schütz's Also hat Gott die Welt geliebt (17th c.) and Hans Leo Hassler's Nun ganget an ein gus Liedlein zu singen (late-16th c.).
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Raising the bar: Multimedia Resources for Authentic World Music Performance

New South African and Georgian book + teaching dvd sets created by Patty Cuyler & Mollie Stone in collaboration with veteran Village Harmony teachers Matlakala Bopape and Shergil Pirtskhelani, and members of Chicago Children's Choir.

Traditional South African Choral Music Volumes 1 & 2>> and

Music from the Republic of Georgia Volume 1>>


NH cds

Other CDs By Northern Harmony
& Village Harmony

Lively collections of folk and sacred music from around the world.
NH/VH Albums >>

CDs By Georgian Artists

Folk and sacred music from the Republic of Georgia, as performed by a range of ensembles, including Anchishkhati Church Choir, Ensemble Zedashe, and Trio Kavkasia.
Georgian Albums >>


Georgian Music Songbooks

Songbooks of sacred and folk music from the Republic of Georgia, produced by musicians in the United States and in the Republic of Georgia. Includes volumes by the Anchiskhati Church Choir, Ensemble Zedashe, and Northern Harmony Publishing Company.
Georgian Music Songbooks >>

Far Heaven Songbook

Intended as a ‘community songbook, with music written for several connected circles of singers in Vermont’ (including Village Harmony). The book, which is accompanied by a disc with recordings of all of the compositions, includes twenty-five of Don Jamison’s beloved and imaginative compositions.
Far Heaven Songbook >>

The Folk Rhythm I & II:
South African Songbooks

The Folk Rhythm, Volumes I & II, are a choral director's dream. Volume I consists of 16 rich, arresting songs arranged for SATB choir, accompanied by cds to guide choruses toward an "authentic" sound (and, where appropriate, dancing) style, and comes with two CDs and a DVD of supporting materials. Volume II includes transcriptions, 2 audio CDs with performance, pronunciation & practice tracks for each song, and instructional dance DVD
The Folk Rhythm I & II >>